Pretty bitches are just as picky and superficial about men as you've always assumed: According to University of Texas psychology researcher David Buss, women "gauge what they can get [from men] based on what they got," in terms of attractiveness. Buss's study, titled "Attractive Women Want It All," says that women, regardless of looks, want four things from a long-term relationship: good looks, economic resources, nascent parenting skills, and loyalty and devotion. If a woman believes she is especially beautiful, she'll retain high standards in all of these areas, but if a woman considers herself mediocre looking, she'll relax her expectations. Buss' study adds that even a really hot woman will lower her standards if she's having trouble finding the perfect mate, which might explain another study that's getting play in the press today. Research from the University of Tennessee shows that women are happier with men who are uglier than they are.

The Tennessee study tested 82 couples for facial attractiveness and how they felt about their marriages. While women who were better-looking than their spouses reported contentedness, according to Univeristy of Tennessee professor Jim McNulty, men who were more attractive than their mates "demonstrated a tendency to offer less emotional and practical support to their wives." McNulty addsthat there is an "evolutionary explanation" for this behavior: "Attractive men have available to them more short-term mating opportunities. This may make them less satisfied and less committed to the marital relationship." Finally, a scientific explanation for the Katherine Heigl's choice to stay with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up!.

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