Want a Divorce? There Is, of Course, an App for That.

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You know what’s more expensive than a wedding? Divorce. But maybe not anymore, thanks to the Sillicon Valley tech boom and a growing number of disgruntled couples! Introducing Wevore.


In New York City, it only costs about $35 to buy a marriage license but a divorce can drain you of your physical health, friends, sanity and monetary wealth. That is why a startup called Wevorce opened its Internet doors, so people who just want to divorce and be done can get away from one another on the cheap. Over at Venturebeat, the site is described as a “LearnVest’s network of affordable financial planners, except we’re talking about divorce.” Translated, that means there are a number of web-savvy mediators on hand to walk you through the legal process without bloodshed, in theory. They even have a web chat function, Wevorce are so 2014!

Recently the startup announced that it’s received $1.69 million in funds and is looking to raise $1.31 million more. You know, just a smidgen of money but it’s for the good cause of separating people who might want to kill each other. No War of the Roses hoops to jump through, hough I’m not sure what this says about American society where I can get a divorce in the same manner with which I can fix my finicky cable connection. But hey, here’s to the future.

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I've always thought we had it backwards. It should be insanely difficult to get married, and ridiculously easy to get divorced.