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Wanna Screw? Hardware Store Employee's Crush Gets Her In Trouble

Illustration for article titled Wanna Screw? Hardware Store Employees Crush Gets Her In Trouble

Cops arrested Katie Smith today: She sold a man a pressure washer worth several hundred dollars for $3.66. Smith incorrectly rang up $20,000 worth of merchandise for the guy over 4 months, hoping he'd be her boyfriend. [CBS]


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I'm sure there are many young people (of both sexes) who have thrown a freebie here or there for a crush. That's a far cry from $20k worth which constitutes grand larceny in West Virginia where this happened, and that's a felony. Methinks there is more to this story, and her playing the doe-eyed crush is her safest way to a plea bargain.

When I was in high school, I worked for a sporting goods store in Chicago that has since been bought out, but it was a big chain back in the day. Our sweetest, most seemingly harmless employee was trying to fast-track his way to assistant manager, and I have to tell you that his lips were so far up the manager's ass that we never even questioned what he did with inventory intake. Then one day a Loss Prevention manager walked in with the police and walked him out the door. It only took about 3 months worth of damage for him to get felony charges brought against him. He played the "sick mom, trying to help with her bills" defense until mom came out and said "No way, I will not defend this, it wasn't for me."

I have a feeling she didn't do this for a crush, they were in on it together from the beginning and this "crush" story is her identifiable defense in case she has to go to trial. #lovesucks