Walt Disney's 'The Story Of Menstruation'

Above is a clip of the animated short The Story of Menstruation, a joint Disney/Kotex production intended for educating girls about their bodies. Released in 1946, this film is surprisingly frank in its description of why we get periods and how to deal with it when we do. It also debunks false "taboos" regarding stuff one can and can't do when on the rag, like exercising and bathing. (Ew! Did chicks really think they shouldn't bathe while bleeding? They must've smelled delightful!) The lady who narrates the film has the best accent in the world, one that could really only be categorized as "mid-century." Also, we like the hidden suggestion that you can dance with a boy, but "don't get carried away." Translation: Don't have period sex! (Frig that! We're extra horny when we get our period.)

The Menstruation Story [YouTube via NY Mag]


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Tracie Egan Morrissey

oh this is just a clip. the longer version talks about poop. i knew i shoulda kept the poop part in!