Wallace & Gromit Go High Fashion • Afghan Prez Pardons Bayonet Gang-Rapists

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Posh UK department store Harvey Nichols has launched an ad campaign starring Wallace, Gromit, and Wallace's love interest Lady Campanula. • The widespread movement of rural Australian women moving to urban areas to peruse education and better jobs has lead to a "gender imbalance" all over the country. • The Pet Olympics are in full swing in Hong Kong. Go Schnauzers! • After Taryn Davis lost her husband to war in Iraq, she decided to make a film about war widows titled American Widow Project. •• The U.S. military has announced that it has arrested an al Qaeda figure who helped in the 2006 kidnapping of journalist Jill Carroll. • A black female physician was blocked from seeking a DNA test to prove her direct relation to U.S. founding father James Madison by Madison's recognized/white descendants. • With Proposition 8 looming in CA to ban gay marriage, some Mormons are going on the internet to voice their support for gay marriage. • A new study conducted by an economics professor at UC Berkeley says that economic, environmental, and war-related stress causes pregnant women to release more hormones and give birth to more girls. • The creator of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is upset that a PSA urging parents to discuss sex with their kids is put on at the end of each episode. • Hot Cartoons And The Women Who Could Play Them: Megan Fox as Pocahontas? Really? • Angelica Alfaro defied the odds and stereotypes surrounding children of Mexican immigrants by attending and graduating from a college and not having children. • A guideline for members of district councils in England has cautioned council-members against using phrases like "man on the street" and "manning the switchboard" because they are "offensive" to women. • Rosie Swale Pope, a 61-year-old grandmother in England has just returned from her 5-year, 20,000-mile run around the world. • The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has pardoned 3 men accused of brutally gang raping a woman with a bayonet after she complained that they kidnapped her son. •



@anonymiss: One would think that a whole based on a show where a teenager accidentally gets knocked up would encourage honest and frank conversations you know, to prevent those watching from having the same kind of accident.

I can't even imagine why else the creator would have made this show. Other than to SHAME YOU for thinking about sex.