Wall Street Journal Suggests Taking Your "Business" To The Ladies Room

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Oh my god, you guys. Did you know that the ladies room is the best place to gab about the office with your girlfriends!?! Well if it's printed in the Wall Street Journal it must be a legitimate business solution! In a column called "Not Just a Ladies' Room," Carol Hymowitz tells the story of a colleague who was unsure whether or not she should take a promotion. "She was worried about taking a job that would keep her at work until seven or eight every night, too late to get home in time to read her kids their bedtime stories. Besides, she blurted, she wasn't getting a raise or even a new title," Hymowitz writes. Well, the ladies' circle at the sinks set that little filly straight!


They told her to demand a raise, and that "soft-spoken woman who dislikes confrontation" got the raise she deserved. And then they talked about "where to get the best cocktail dress, haircut and beach house that won't break my budget"! But seriously, folks. I can't decide if this is why women don't get taken seriously in business, or if this is a way of circumventing the golf-playing patriarchy by finding a women-only space in which to discuss workplace secrets.

I guess I think the former? Because while a lot of corporate climates are incredibly sexist (I know a hedge funder who was taken to a strip club after an interview), isn't it counter-productive to create these all-female gab fests? Wouldn't it be more useful to rail against a workplace culture where only the men can share insider info? Whatever, at least these bitches aren't peeing all over the seats or leaving cocaine residue on the counters. We think.


Not Just A Ladies' Room [WSJ]

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SO teh menz go out in the sunshine, away from the office to play a game and call it work, and teh womenz are relegated to the shitter to have an all female business environment? This is not progress, sisters.