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Monica Gonzalez; a 40-year-old grandmother and resident of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY; is fighting an arrest made on her last November for prostitution. Gonzalez, who had suffered an asthma attack earlier that day, was walking to the hospital a few blocks from her house at 2:30 a.m. when cops stopped her and arrested her on charges of prostitution, claiming that she was carrying a condom (a surefire example of a prostitute!) and had previously been arrested for prostitution. Gonzalez has had no prior history of arrest and says that she was not carrying a condom. But what does the officer who arrested her care? Women of color don't have medical emergencies that warrant late-night walks to emergency rooms! They must be prostitutes! (Photo via NY Daily News) [NY Daily News]


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@susannapants: Clearly a woman carrying a condom isn't being intelligent or safe, just a dirty hooker!

A few years ago there was a poster in the subway in Boston about how 90% of women carry lip protection (aka chapstick) and only 10% carry actual protection. Good to know I'll be shamed and possibly arrested if I'm one of that measly 10%!