Katy Perry's Lawyers Won't Let This Dude Sell a 'Left Shark' Tchotchke

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[Long, tired sigh.] So you know how the "left shark" dancing next to Katy Perry at the halftime show became the breakout viral hit of the Super Bowl? Well, naturally, somebody decided to capitalize on the left shark's popularity. And now Katy Perry has unleashed her lawyers on him. It's come to this.


CNN brings us this little tale of life in the Internet era. You see, Fernando Sosa designs objects which are then sold via Shapeways.com, which 3D-prints and sends 'em on their merry way. Typically his work is political, like the sculpture depicting Vladimir Putin as a buttplug. But he decided to whip up a little flailing shark, priced to move at $24.99. Until he received a cease and desist from Katy Perry's lawyers, which informed him that he was infringing on Ms. Perry's intellectual property:

"Our client [Perry] recently has learned that you have been involved in the manufacture, sale, marketing and distribution of merchandise featuring a shark sculpture which embodies and uses the [Super Bowl halftime show], and that you have displayed this product on your website, in connection with such sale and distribution," the letter read.


"As you are undoubtedly aware, our client never consented to your use of its copyrighted work and IP, nor did our client consent to the sale of the infringing product," the letter added.

America's transition to a knowledge-based economy is complete! It's all just guerrilla marketing and meme-mining from here on out.

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Wait, why was the left shark the hit? What did the left one do that was so special?

Obviously, I didn't bother watching the Super Bowl.

ETA: Nevermind. I just looked it up. I care even less now.