Hoda Kotb Once Had a Dick Pic Sent to Her While She Was On-Air

For a segment she does on her show called "Stall Talk," Meredith Vieira sat down with Hoda and Kathie Lee in the bathroom to drink some wine, play some guitar and sing happy birthday to Hoda after sucking on helium. Hoda also revealed that when she accidentally gave her cell phone number away on air during a segment about smartwatches last year, a dude texted her a picture of his junk and she had to quickly move the face of the watch away from the camera. Wearable tech: it's now NSFW.


The Gaysian

Wait... What in the actual fuck? Who the fuck actually has those pictures conveniently on hand, just in case some random person says their phone number in public? Who goes and thinks, "wow, that person is so attractive, I'm gonna totally send them my dick pics ASAP."

*throws down tables*