Wait, The Girl Scouts Are Making Candy Now?

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Holy shit. A Thin Mint in a candy bar?! This promises to take us to previously unattained levels of dessert joy. Before you rush out of your house without any pants on to go buy caseloads of these, you should know this sad fact: This mysterious temptress showed up on Reddit today, but no one can find any mention of it anywhere else on the internet. This precious item is clearly marked as a sales sample, so let's hope that's a sign that these will someday be available for our constant, uninterrupted consumption. And does "Limited Edition Cookie Flavors" imply that there will be more flavors to come? It's almost too much to process. If these things taste as magical as they look, it will be proof that the Girl Scouts are indeed the most cleverly evil organization on the planet.

[Via The Daily What]

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I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but...I'm not that impressed with Thin Mints. They're alright, but nothing to lose your shit over. Show me a Tagalong candy bar and then we're talking! (Wait, that's basically a Reeses isn't it?)