Wait a second alcohol has calories in it? Well, the New York Times is here to clear up all your misconceptions about alcohol and how fat it can make you. You can thank "studies," of course! ""Those who averaged a single drink per day had the lowest levels of abdominal fat" amongst all groups in a study of 2300 drinkers and non-drinkers." Who has a single drink every day? I'm thinking the answer to that is "extremely boring people with a preternatural amount of self-control" and is it any surprise those people are thin in the gut? They probably don't go to sleep without doing 150 crunches — no cheating!
But also,"drinking regularly increases the amount of enzymes that break down alcohol," resulting in a lower chance of fat build-up. The fattest people in the study only drank sometimes. Maybe they should look into drunkorexia! [NYT]