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Waist Not: Armani Prive Fall 2007 Couture

Illustration for article titled Waist Not: Armani Prive Fall 2007 Couture

Giorgio Armani is too good to just put out a couture line and call it, you know, couture. No, Armani's couture line operates under an entirely different name: Armani Prive. And this season, Armani Prive was supposedly inspired by Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie. And although these clothes look straight out of the 80's, we don't see an ounce of the androgynous rocker in 'em. (Well, except for that black and white skinny suit.) Rather, Armani Prive seems to focus on the 80's of Ivana Trump: Bejeweled, bedazzled, silk-swathed, and cinched at the waist. And cinched some more! Image gallery, after the jump.


[Paris, France; July 4. Images via]

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How long until Cate Blanchett rocks one of these dresses and we all go "hmmm...okay, okay, she pulls it off"?