WAGs (Wives & Girlfriends) Make Us Gag

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"I want to marry a footballer, get pregnant and then shop and have fun." These words came out of the mouth of a woman named Abigail Clancy, who is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of a UK footballer named Peter Crouch. The Washington Post has a story on women like Clancy, the wives and girlfriends of England's soccer stars also known as WAGs. (The leader? None other than Mrs. Victoria Beckham.) The WAGs are known for their shopping, clubbing, dancing on tables and general pursuit of the limelight. For example, during the World Cup, "When hotel management erected poolside privacy screens to shield them from the paparazzi, the WAGs asked that they be taken down."

Now that the Beckhams are on U.S. shores, one UK paper scouted out some of the California soccer players' wives and found, sadly, that they were "stay-at-home girls who dress in 'ordinary clothes.'" But in Britain, being a WAG is a life goal. A Big Brother contestant said, "I want to be a WAG. You can get a career from there." The WAGs spend money, get photographed and splashed throughout the pages of tabloids. One reader admits, "It's quite pathetic we like looking at their pictures just because they are married to someone famous." As the paper points out, we don't really have WAGs here — but Lindsay, Paris and Britney are our equivalent. We're not sure which is worse. Also, since Posh has left her gaggle of WAGs behind, is "Kate" Holmes really an satisfying replacement?
WAGs: They Score! [WaPo]

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The Big Brother contestant = Chanelle. Who wants to be Posh. Actually, it could've been Charley, a self-proclaimed It girl and cousin of footballer Kieran Richardson - in reality she is an obnoxious lap dancer who looks like Donkey from Shrek (no joke).

Jezebel, PLEASE keep up the Brit tabs coverage. Hell, if you need someone to do it for you, I'll gladly do it at work - Heat/OK/Now=my version of Us Weekly. Also, The Mirror's 3AM kicks Page Six's scrawny ass.