Congressman Sean Duffy, or as you may know him, Lumberjack Sean from The Real World: Boston is up for reelection in Wisconsin's 7th district. To aid his cause, a conservative group called Young Guns (LOL @ "young") is running a radio ad in Northern Wisconsin urging lady voters to leave the decisionmaking up to the moistness levels in their vaginas. Here's the ad's script, dug up by Think Progress:

EMMA: Hey, Olivia. What's it gonna be?
OLIVIA: Hi Emma. Hmmm. Latte, cappuccino? I can't make up my mind.
EMMA: That's how I felt about this election… until I took a good look at the candidates.
EMMA: I'm for Sean Duffy. He's pretty cool, actually. He's part of this new generation of leaders, the kind we need in Washington. He's a good husband and father and he fights for small businesses, like mine. So I can keep the doors open and even hire more people.
OLIVIA: He's the cute one, right?

Politics: FOR LADIES! Smaller, pinker, and much, much more expensive.

Unfortunately for Duffy, if women were truly relying on their vaginas to make up their minds about voting, their vaginas would tell them to run far, far away from Duffy, a party line Republican who would invite comparisons to Paul Ryan if Duffy were twice as smart and wore half as much self tanner. Duffy's been in lockstep with his party brethren on issues like the Violence Against Women Act (Duffy was all, "Hey now, guys, if we include lesbians and Native American women, like the thousands in my district, in the definition of "women," then we'll just water it down for the REAL women") and abortion rights.


Maybe some women actually do base their voting decisions on which candidate is cuter. But if that were a successful election strategy, George Clooney would be President and Idris Elba would be the governor of a brand new state named Vaginastan.