So Ann Curry and Tamron Hall Walk Into a Bar...

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So former Today co-hosts Ann Curry and Tamron Hall walked into a bar—Polo Bar, to be exact—for a “girls night out” with Melissa Lonner, a former entertainment booker for the show from which they both had dramatic exits. Other patrons reportedly “gasped” upon seeing the cool trio, and some (Diane Kruger among them) even “rushed” to their table to get the dirt.

Let’s go ahead and make the wild assumption that they’re all working together to write the screenplay for a movie that’s part First Wives Club, part Working Girl, and part Morning Glory.

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TMZ has audio from a 911 call in which Paula Patton’s nanny frantically asks for police to come to a park where she claims Robin Thicke is in violation of his restraining order. They write that the call took place “as 6-year-old Julian sat in his mother’s car at a Malibu park, unwilling to take the visit with his dad who was waiting nearby.”


Says the nanny during the call:

“This child is literally begging for me and everyone to call 911. Like, that’s how much he does not want to go. [sighs] He’s six years old! And literally every time we have these visits, the night before, the day of, he’s crying, he’s praying to the angels, he’s trying to avoid this like the plague. It needs to end.”


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Voicing support for Morning Glory here. It is a wholly enjoyable decent rom-com movie. And Patrick Wilson so,