Vogue's Model.Live Sets New Online Series Record For Time Taken To Jump The Shark

The latest episode of Model.Live could not have been a greater disappointment. After teasing us with promises of uncensored, unguarded behind-the-scenes dish, Vogue's reality series finally reaches New York Fashion Week — and dissolves into a simpering collection of jump-cuts and runway footage and generically exciting music. If there was ever a time I'd be willing to tolerate jaunty, more or less harmless fashion boosterism, now would be it; but I'm unhappy to be left contemplating empty-headed B-roll of the city that looks spliced from Project Runway and not much else of substance.Austria is heading to London with her mother agent, the amazingly named and arguably patronizing Socrates McKnney, instead of her visa-less mother — a ritual of teenaged (non-Western) model abandonment that seems to cheer her bookers at IMG, since the maybe-15-year-old seems to "allow" her mom to be "a comfort zone" and it might be good for the tyke to stand on her own two feet. Madeline books (a respectable but not earth-shattering) seven shows and tries to contemplate the bright side in a meeting with her agents. Cato is last glimpsed, in a fake-reality fake-cliffhanger that might as well be lifted from that wonky first season of The Hills, supposedly trying to hail a cab to take her to the airport for her flight to London. Apparently the entire documentary film team with her can't offer her transport, and nor can the many yellow cabs that pass behind her on the adjacent street. Her single biggest piece of luggage? A large paper bag from a certain mall store show sponsor.
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Did anyone else count four cabs rolling by behind that model?