Vogue's 'Model.Live' Ends, Models Pledge To Go On

'Model.Live', the oddly punctuated series put together by Vogue and IMG to fill the void of industry-related reality television not bearing the fierce imprimatur of Nighttime Tyra, didn't serve up its finale webisode as expected today. Instead, the three models featured — Madeline Kragh, Austria Alcantara, and Cato Van Ee — uploaded goodbye videos to Bebo. They thank the sponsors for the opportunity of having cameras track their daily moves and expose their missed flights and longed-for but unbooked jobs to the internet's scrutiny. (Cato also vows to soldier on with the tough business of becoming a supermodel.) Austria's vid is the most interesting; unusually, she manages to look excited when talking about her future and the next ready-to-wear season. She says Paris is her favorite city, and if you look closely, you can see she's wearing tiny Eiffel tower earrings. Clip above, and more after the jump.It's interesting that in this off-the-cuff video, where she speaks with apparently minimal editing, Austria appears her most alert and engaged. I often got the sense during this series that Austria might be the girl whom the constant presence of cameras irritated the most; sure, Madeline was the only one to ever actually tell anyone to stop filming, but her natural showmanship always shone through, and Cato's blithe confidence never let her appear less than secure. (On screen, Cato moves with the un-self-awareness of someone who couldn't even conceive of a reason why anyone would dislike her.) But Austria, I thought, sometimes seemed a little weirded out by this whole starring in a show of herself thing. Seeing her perky and smiling and happy instead of sullen and withdrawn—wasn't Paris where she missed more than half her castings and sank to the pavement in a dejected moment?—makes me wonder just how much Sad Austria was a character created by editing, and therefore what IMG and Vogue's interest was in making their youngest and most vulnerable new model appear close to the edge. She always did look magisterial on the runway. The girls explain that they're not sure if the series will return to follow them, or others from IMG's development board. The next show season, of course, begins in New York next February. Earlier: Vogue's 'Model.Live': "You Really Have To Give Up Stuff" Vogue's 'Model.Live': "I Feel Like My Confidence, More And More. This Is My Place." Vogue's 'Model.Live': "Shows Don't Even Pay. At All. Zero. Zip." Vogue's 'Model.Live': "Don't Change, Just Improve" Vogue's 'Model.Live': "Everybody's So Sorry, And They Love Me, But Everybody Wants Cato." Vogue's Model.Live: "Maybe The Clients Call You, Maybe They Don't. It's Just Like A Guy." Vogue's Model.Live: Crap Instructions From A Casting Agent Vogue's Model.Live Sets New Online Series Record For Time Taken To Jump The Shark Vogue's Model.Live: The New York Fashion week Hustle Begins Vogue's Model.Live: Models Are Strange, When You're An Agent Vogue's Model.Live: Castings Can Really Be A Grind Vogue's Model.Live: Don't Get Famous, And Other Gems Of Parental Wisdom Points For Effort: Vogue Reality Series About Modeling Surprisingly Realistic, A Little Boring Related: Austria's Goodbye Video Madeline's Goodbye Video Cato's Goodbye Video Vogue.tv's 'Model.Live' Channel 'Model.Live' on Bebo



These girls are really inspiring and the fact that the stress is different for each of them makes it even more watchable. :-)