Vogue's "Model.Live": Don't Get Famous, And Other Gems Of Parental Wisdom

The second episode of "Model.Live", Vogue's nifty Internet realidocumodelshow, is up. This week, Cato — who seems to think that college entails more partying than modeling — sets off from the Netherlands for New York, leaving behind a concerned but supportive mother who doesn't want her to get famous and a mystified but supportive father. (Dad: "Modeling is certainly a nice effort, but you know I'm an engineer, so I know the external side oxidizes. You always have to work on the inside.") Also joining the farewells is Simon, who seems like every utterly reliable, reasonably good-looking, overall sweet-natured and totally stultifying high school boyfriend, ever. Simon has the resigned hangdog look of a dude who knows he has lucked into a relationship with an amazing girl who's out of his league, and that whatever day she comes to share this knowledge is the day he'll be out of the picture. Check out Cato's mortified expression when Simon explains that, even though he hears fashion is all about sex and drugs and stuff, he trusts Cato because he knows she would never do any of that.Sound quality isn't the best in this video. Also: I made an error in my last post about "Model.Live." I was confused, and wrote that the series documented the Fall/Winter 08/09 show season, ie the season that happened back in Spring. Incorrect! The show unfurls in medias res, covering the show season that kicks off in New York on September 5th. Sorry for my mistake. Earlier: Points For Effort: Vogue Reality Series About Modeling Is Surprisingly Realistic, A Little Boring Related: Model.Live

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I like Cato's dad (and his pizza) but those paintings of her were a little off-putting.