Vogue Pretends To Care About Your Budget

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Scandal: The July issue of Vogue features items — from J. Crew and Gap — priced at $50 and under. But don't worry, the high-fashion glossy is not going totally budget-conscious:

"We tend to, when we pull something in to photograph it, have an exclusive," Sally Singer, fashion news and features director for the magazine, tells The New York Times. Because even though the country is in a recession, it's important for Vogue to show readers stuff they can't actually have. It's aspirational! And Singer claims that Vogue has consistently offered a mix: "We've always shown a wide range of price points and lower-priced items," she said. "As long as Anna Wintour's been at Vogue, from her first issue, she had jeans on her cover with a Christian Lacroix top. She's always had a high-low sensibility."


But while there may have been some steals, we all know the magazine ultimately focuses on the pricey items — remember the $64,300 24K-gold mink coat?

While including more affordable items makes Vogue seem less tone-deaf, no one buys the publication to see a hat from the Gap. (Or to read stories about rich women forced to live frugally). Their strength lies in showcasing high fashion, and high fashion is pricey. But don't worry. Vogue still does what Vogue does best — reserve its pages for expensive shit. Stephanie Clifford of the Times writes:

Rest assured, the index section for July includes a $145 folding beach chair and a $449 croquet set. Though the section itself may say recession, the sensibility does not.

We're left wondering which is more more insulting: For Vogue to pretend to care about our wallets? Or to ignore budget all together?

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I already balk at the price of VOGUE THE MAGAZINE, THE ACTUAL PHYSICAL THING YOU READ. I haz a poor. Plus, I called a moratorium on fashion/women's magazines because it was hurting my self esteem. Now I'm confident, and spend the four dollars a week I was spending on magazines on peanut butter, nail polish and used books.

Peanut Butter>Sienna Miller.