Vogue Is Really Into Cats Now

Illustration for article titled emVogue/em Is Really Into Cats Now

I want to believe that the idea to run a slideshow of cats wearing, sitting on, or otherwise being around shoes was Grace Coddington's idea because it is both awesome and fairly incomprehensible at the same time. Why cats? Why shoes? How much photoshop went into making these cats look this amazing in print? How can I look just as good as Princess Monster Truck?


In any case, The Cat and the Flat is a reality and you can check it out on Vogue.com which weighs much less than the magazine (I used to keep one on my nightstand as a quick-use weapon against possible intruders) but features just as many ads. (Unfortunately, none of them smell.)


Image via Imgur.

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That was fantastic...the first fun, fresh thing I've seen Vogue do in a while. Plus, some of the kitties are up for adoption! BTW, Frances Conroy in American Horror Story...that had to be modeled off Grace Coddington, no?