We've worked at enough women's magazines to know that their letters from the editor pages are rarely written by the editors themselves: Usually, a staff writer or junior editor composes the letter, which is then read aloud to the editor in chief in between clothes fittings and assorted cell-phone conversations. Anyway, since we can't tell who's really responsible for each month's ode to social-climbers, conspicuous consumption and anti-aging techniques we decided to analyze the letters from women's magazine editors in a wholly different manner: By their signatures! With help from our favorite handwriting expert, Graphology Consulting Group's Sheila Kurtz (who memorably analyzed the scribblings of Paris Hilton) we'll be posting an analysis of a women's magazine editor's signature each day for the next 10 days First up (obviously!) is Vogue's grand poobah Anna Wintour, whose scribbling shows her to be icy, vain, and ruthless. (Wait, we needed a handwriting expert to tell us this?)

The writer of this signature is a private individual and very difficult for an outsider to get to know. A left slant indicates a person who may on the surface appear cordial or sociable, and in reality prohibits the entry of most people into her personal world.

There is a very big hook on the crossbar of the 'A', an indication of a personality that craves to acquire the material. Because the signature reveals so little, we can't tell what she craves. It could be knowledge, power, influence, wisdom, or sapphires.

There are several 'v-shaped formations in 'Anna.' These are the signs of an analytical mind that probes well below the surface for whatever she needs. The writer is also intuitive (there are several breaks between letters), which means she can hop over many islands of methodical facts on the way to her conclusions. She has learned to trust this "gut" response. Plus, fact-jumping accelerates her methodical thinking exponentially.

The tops of the last 'a' in Anna and also the 'o' in Wintour are open, a signal of a person who enjoys voicing her own views but seldom invests the time to listen to others.

The 't' in Wintour is two or three times the altitude of the smaller letters. This is a signal of a personal pride that has ascended to the realm of vanity.

There are hooks at the end of several letters that indicate that the writer is tenacious. Combined with her desire to acquire she won't let go of whatever she gets.

The goals of this writer are practical and well within her fine capabilities.

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