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Vivienne Westwood Never Gets Her Knickers In A Twist

Illustration for article titled Vivienne Westwood Never Gets Her Knickers In A Twist
  • Vivienne Westwood rules for many reasons; here's reason number 1,457: when the designer received honors of British ranking at Buckingham Palace in the '90s, she went "knickerless on both occasions." [The Star]
  • Proenza Schouler is teaming up with Guiseppe Zanotti to expand its line of footwear. I'm crossing my fingers that the prices won't be unbearable, because this news excites me more than you know. [Elle UK]
  • This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Photographer Nick Knight plans to create 3-D images of a 30-foot Naomi Campbell. "He has scanned Naomi 'straddling the barrel of a large tank' to form one sculpture, and another is envisioned as a 'circle of three Naomis, like The Three Graces.'" Please, people, stop encouraging this woman's egomania. [Fashionologie]
  • Jennifer Hudson tells New York Magazine that she regrets wearing the jacket Vogue's Andre Leon Talley picked out for her for the Oscars. [New York]
  • James Gandolfini's bathrobe from The Sopranos is being auctioned off, along with a bunch of bloody Sopranos shirts, to benefit a nonprofit group that assists severely wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Yahoo]
  • More news on the Jerry Hall clothing auction at Sotheby's in the UK: she is not auctioning off her wedding dress but her daughter Lizzie is pissed she's selling other awesome outfits. [Telegraph]
  • Roberto Cavalli will lecture at Oxford University's student union today, reports Fashion Week Daily. I wonder if he'll be able to convince the smartest students in the world that he knows the line between sexy and vulgar? He didn't convince me, and I barely graduated high school. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Designer Martin Margiela designed a T-shirt with a horse graphic that sold out at the stunning price tag of $1,395, but rumors swirl that it's not so original. "The image on the tee is nearly identical to an image painted by British artist David Penfound in 1998, which also covers t-shirts . . . that retail for $19.95," says Fashionologie, via the LA Times. [Fashionologie]
  • Interview with model Theodora Richards on her new position as VP of Creative Director of 4 Stroke Jeans: "…Jeans and me, we go together like peanut butter and jelly," she says. [The Fashion Informer]
  • Noémie Lenoir is the first black model to grace the cover of French Vogue solo in over a year, although the June/July issue actually has two covers, the other featuring model Laetitia Casta. [Fashionista]
  • American Eagle Outfitters' profits have fallen. [Reuters]
  • Burberry is planning on expanding its shoe line. Does this mean we can expect to see things like plaid-printed wedges as well as wellies? [Times of London]
  • Benetton, a company known for its glossy ad campaigns and pastel sweaters, is looking into investing in "troubled" airline Alitalia. [Forbes]

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Le Kangourou de Kataroo

Benetton: DO NOT BLOW YOUR PROFIT MARGIN on failing airlines. Step away. Because as a poor-just-out-of-college 20 something, I can only afford your AMAZING winter dresspants that fit me perfectly when they're on sale. DO NOT DO THIS. DO NOT RAISE YOUR PRICES. And send me your newest collection. I'll take one of everything, in every color, k? Thanks.