Vivienne Westwood: "I Like Artificial Things." O, Rly?

The only question that needs to be asked about this video: Which is more awesome, Vivienne Westwood, or her fantastical shoe-collection, currently on display?

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I love her work and always have. I also love that her clothes (and shoes) are always really sexy, but in a quirky way. They're never boring and generic. She's a perfect example of what happens when "sexy" is constructed by a woman, not a man - what results is playful and fun and exciting (I contrast this with say the stuff Tom Ford produces, which is sort of grim and un-fun in comparison, though equally "sexy").

Westwood is a classic British eccentric, and her basic style has evolved a bit but never lost it's essential feel over the years. She's a national treasure.

(Also, she can really tailor when she wants to. I own one of her corsets and damn is that thing perfect.)