Vivid director Tristan Taormino will be launching a new reality-based porn series called "Rough Sex." Tristan will direct the first film in the series, and plans to have the rest of the series directed by women as well. "The problem isn't with the depiction of hardcore sex itself," she said in a press release today. "It's about sex that is seen as one-sided, degrading and hostile. Many women love rough sex and these films will give us a chance to present their desires from their perspective."



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The meeting of the Jezebel's and Jezebeau's Hair Puller/Light Bondage/Nice And Nasty Up Against The Wall Club shall now come to order!

Srsly, so glad to see so many glad people here. I am not a ginormous porn aficionado, but that's mostly because of the aforementioned choking on phallus/degradation/spitting (ew, I mean, really) mode to which so much mainstream porn has sunk. I hope this stuff is readily available for my occasional perusal.

And @annajane? Just die. Die like a dying dyer.