Vivica A. Fox Puts Her "Useful Styling Skills" To Work

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  • Vivica A. Fox is going to be the host of a new VH1 series called Glam God, in which the actress, who is known for her amazing style (??), will be searching for the next celebrity stylist. I can't wait to see another reality show winner do absolutely nothing while everyone else on the show tries to one up Jerry Springer factor. I hope there's a really good gay man or at least someone with a weave to yank on. [ConcreteLoop]
  • Getting Gay With Bags is Here! Marc Jacobs completes his special handbag for twink-blogger Bryanboy (the bag is called "the BB") and Bryanboy gets really excited and…whips himself? [Gawker]
  • Designer Claudia Escobar has made a luxury clothing line out of salmon skin. "Many people who lived near rivers and oceans have used fish throughout history. It's not my original idea," she says. [Reuters]
  • Mischa Barton's created a line of handbags, coming to London's John Lewis, Debenhams and Fenwicks stores on July 2nd. Why not make handbags for the United States, Mischa? Is the dollar too weak, or is it that we just don't give a shit? [FabSugar]
  • Marc Jacobs keeps it simple at London design school Central Saint Martins: "I can't bear it when designers go on about inspiration … If a girl wants to wear it and feels good then who cares?" Say what you will about his shortcomings, but over-thinking fashion is not one of them. [NYMag]
  • Agyness Deyn (aka The New Kate Moss) supposedly bought a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (aka The New Lower East Side). I guess I'm supposed to write something about how "lame" that is for the neighborhood, but it actually seems pretty obvious to me. [Perez Hilton]
  • Sarah Larson, George Clooney's waitress girlfriend, graces Bazaar's 50 Most Beautiful People feature. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's not a waitress anymore. Take a look at the Pretty Woman here. []
  • Oh Crocs! What can't you do? Inventor Spot reports that now there's a special little Croc that can be used to carry a cell phone. This of course, is happening in Japan, where soon they'll be inventing a pair of Crocs for your Crocs, as well as a Crocs reality show where the winner gets to turn into a Croc and sweep the nation yet again. [InventorSpot]
  • Urban Outfitters, best known for its BoHo dresses, ironic tees, and teeny tiny dressing rooms, has always made us feel safe in our left-wing ways. Except, of course, the owner of the chain hates gay people and gives money to George W. Bush. [Racked]
  • Busted! Now we know where some of the best American designers (Ralph Lauren, Mark Jacobs, Calvin Klein) go to get their clothing made. [NYTimes]
  • New York Rangers hockey player Sean Avery talks about his Vogue internship, Anna Wintour, and photocopying. [MollyGood]
  • Louisville, Kentucky porn shops "Victor's Secret" and "Victor's Little Secret") settle the lawsuit brought by Victoria's Secret for trademark violation. The store is now called "Cathy's Secret" which, you know, doesn't really have the same (cock) ring to it. [MSNBC]
  • "Having streaked, chipped or just plain grotty nail polish no longer suggests drug addiction, manual labor or pure laziness," writes Melena Ryzik for The New York Times. I have been waiting YEARS for this to become acceptable! Thank you Olsen Twins and Vogue model Cindy McCain! [NYTimes]



I don't know, the salmon lady is doing really good things for the people in the area who are doing the fishing, etc. But I would forever be afraid if I was wearing those clothes that someone would chase me down and cream cheese me.