Viva La Vino

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Female winemakers in an area of northwestern Spain known as Ría Baixas are becoming more and more popular, running over half of the regions 198 wineries, in an industry that is heavily male dominated. The region's specialty wine is Albariño, a fruity white that pairs well with seafood or poultry, but that doesn't mean industry critics won't try to insult the wine by calling it a lady wine and therefor not for serious (read: male) wine drinkers (Uh, and who do they think is emptying bottle after bottle of wine while watching ANTM marathons?). Sexist criticisms like this don't faze female winemakers; as one woman put it, "I think it's a wine that is too complex for some men." [WSJ, image via Wine Traveler]


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Stranger Bird

@tunamelt: My granny drinks that Sofia Coppola champagne-in-a-can; she is 4' 10" of fabulousness (I have a picture of her drinking a can while wearing a fur coat and big sunglasses).

Our house wine is Rene Junot; basically a French table wine. Nothing special, but decent and $9 a bottle. I like to get in some prosecco too (although according to the NYT that is just the cheap girl's champers, but so what) or vinho verde.