¡Viva Hollywood! Is Muy Gay

VH1's ¡Viva Hollywood! is a competition-based reality show created to discover America's next biggest telenovela star, pitting a group of Latin men and women against one another and having them perform soap opera scenes to see who has what it takes. Overall, the show is campy and funny enough to serve as entertaining filler between better TV programs, but if you need a reason to tune in, that reason should be aspiring actor Vinci. He's so, so, so, so hot. (Or should I say "caliente"?) On last night's episode, Vinci was required to act out a gay scene with another man, and he hated the idea so much that he packed his bags, threatened to leave, and then ended up crying — totally proving his "manhood" right there. Clip above.


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@gold_gato: ahahah I totally loved that show, especially the gorgeous twins who hated eachother.

Every time I look for something to watch on TV when I'm bored, all that's on is !Viva Hollywood!!! and Rock of Love and other trashy shows. I've decided that when I move out of my Dad's house, I'll forego cable to save money (and brain cells).