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Viral Marketing For New Ashanti Album Is Ill Advised, At Best

We have no fucking clue what Ashanti, her people, or her record label Universal Music Group were all thinking when they came up with this viral marketing video to promote new album The Declaration, and specifically the video for the single "The Way That I Love You." Apparently, in the video for the song, Ashanti murders her cheating boyfriend. The viral video is a fake news report saying that a bunch of copy cat crimes have been committed because of the video. The fake report shows bloody weapons and a Manson-esque crime scene with "Black children will die," scrawled in blood on a tiled wall. We're not really sure what the goal is behind such a viral video. Are we supposed to laugh? Are we supposed to cry? Are we supposed to murder? Clip above.

New Ashanti Viral Video Pushes Limits of Good Taste, Logic [Rolling Stone]


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I'm new to Jez commenting, but not to R&B music. Truth is Ashanti has always suffered from bad marketing...Her people simply don't know what to do with her...and let's be honest, there's better talent out there.

There's controversy. There's edge. And, then there's just plain stupid.