Illustration for article titled Violet Affleck Does Her Own Stunts Too

[New York, November 30. Image via INF]


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I'm sorry if this has been said, but I don't see her mom or dad in this picture. Therefore, she is the subject of the photo, and not "collateral damage." Violet, as we know, is NOT a public figure. This is not a life she chose for herself. She did not thrust herself into the public sphere. Why is OK for paps to take her picture when she's without her famous folks (and legitimate pap targets). Why is OK for the paps to sell her photo? And, as much as I want to eat her up, why is OK that I, a complete stranger, am able to view this child remotely?

Didn't even the Olsen twins get a break from the paps until they were 18? Didn't JFK Jr? Celebrity offspring are NOT celebrities.