Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes Plotting How to Get Away With Murder

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Although she's got Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal under her belt, Shonda Rhimes has yet another TV show up her sleeve, and this one has Viola Davis attached. The premise sounds deliciously wicked.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes and Grey's Anatomy producer Betsy Beers have teamed up for an ABC pilot titled How to Get Away With Murder. We'd heard whispers about this show before, but now Viola Davis has been cast as the star!

Here's the pitch:

[Viola Davis] will play Annalise DeWitt, the law professor and renowned criminal defense attorney described as brilliant, passionate, creative, charismatic and ruthless in the courtroom and the classroom. The character is an excellent manipulator of people, particularly her law students — five of whom she selects to work with her at the firm. Married to a psychology professor and having an affair that no one can know about, she calls her Criminal Law 100 class "How to Get Away With Murder."


Sex, smarts, lies, manipulation, crime, legal eagles, yes. Do want. And if the pilot gets picked up, we'll have yet another black woman starring in a network drama. Plus, if Grey's and Scandal are the template, we should be seeing a very diverse cast, in terms of race and age.

In total agreement with Women In Hollywood here:

TV continues to be a more receptive place for women, including for older women and black women, than film, and we are glad that Davis will get to sink her teeth into something meaty.

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Yay! This will be excellent.

As a side note. Law school is really boring. Always. Grossly misled by TV portrayals and Elle Woods.