Vintage Soda Ad Shames Women Into Drinking Tab

Above is a 1970s TV spot for Tab, and it's probably the creepiest soda commercial we've ever seen. As the first diet soft drink of The Coca-Cola Company (and the second diet soda ever), Tab was marketed to women as a way to keep slim, and thus, keep a man. As the voice over says, "When you can't be with him, be in his mind. Be a mind sticker." Then a spooky voice sings, "Don't you want to have a good shape?" It's like the Tab marketers are trying to scare women into saying, "Yes! Uncle! Uncle! I want a good shape!" Tab has had its ups and downs over the years: First it was sweetened with cyclamate, which was eventually banned by the FDA, then it was sweetened with saccharin, which eventually was required to carry a warning label that it may cause cervical cancer. (Just like HPV!) Since 1984, Tab has been using a blend of saccharin and aspartame to create its low-cal goodness.


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I think mind stickers would hurt.