Vintage Real World: Seattle's Stephen & Irene In "The Slap Heard 'Round The World"

Can you believe it's been 10 years since the Real World: Seattle!? That season marked the first time that a roommate actually laid a hand on another roommate in an aggressive manner. Actually, it was more passive aggressive, since Stephen slapped Irene (rather weakly) while she was in a moving car and then ran away. Irene had been having some sort of mental breakdown brought on by Lyme Disease, which led her to begin fighting with her roommates and ultimately ended with her leaving the house for good. On her way out, she brought Stephen in front of the cameras, and outed him. According to cast members after the fact, his sexuality was something he was struggling with off-camera, which explains his reaction. The clip above, which shows Stephen reviewing the fight footage, was filmed in 2000, and at the time, he maintained that he was not gay. However, just a year later, Stephen was arrested twice for prostitution, and once for stealing a 1988 Toyota Camry.

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@brendahamLincoln: NATE! He was the military guy from Virginia (I think?) with the girlfriend and stuff.

The Real World completely jumped the shark with the first Las Vegas

season. Before then, they were actually interesting (although slightly

insane) people. Now it's just skanks and manhos.

My favorite character EVAR though, was Flora from Miami. That bitch got some crazy going on. Wonder whatever happened to her.