"It wasn't not funny!" is still a phrase that crawls through my mind, 14 years after Tami first shrieked it after her infamous fight with David when he ripped off her blanket on The Real World L.A. (Another one is a lyric from Tami's girl group, "I'm a slave, I'm a slave, I'm a slave to your lovin'/ I can't resist the fever of your kissin' and your huggin'.") And although David was wrong, Beth S. is the one who totally brought shit to the next level by riling up Tami, telling her that she should press charged, screaming that David "raped" her. Then Beth asked him if he grew up "in a tree," which to me implies that he is a monkey, which is completely fucking racist. The result was that David was the first ever Real World roommate to be booted from the house.

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