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Um, this video "game," "Carrie The Caregiver," is supposed to be fun or something. Targeted at kids 6 and up, the point is to "feed, clean and soothe adorable babies." The new version, "Camp Funshine," involves helping campers with birdhouses and S'mores and crap like that. Maybe it's entertaining for little girls, but how come there's no "Lulu The Lawyer" or "Cece The CEO" game, huh? (Click to see mind-numbingly dull embedded video) [Packaging Girlhood]

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@Triphena: YOU HAD THAT TOO?!?!? I friggen loved that toothbrush. I kept it FOREVER. My other favorite She-Ra accessory? Her helmet thing/sword belt thing. I wore them with my Mary Lou Retton leotard. One of my top five favorite pics of me is me wearing that outfit, holding up the sword...

@karen.revisited: It depends troop to troop. My mom's troop hikes and camps and does creative crap and community service— very few arts and crafts and all that jazz that *I* had to suffer through as a girl scout.