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Victoria's Secret to Stop Selling Swimwear, Cease Printing Their Famous Catalogs

Illustration for article titled Victorias Secret to Stop Selling Swimwear, Cease Printing Their Famous Catalogs

As beach season approaches, Victoria’s Secret is planning to shutter its swimsuit division. 2016 is the last year consumers will be able to buy VS swimwear, according to BuzzFeed, so get in on those cheap separates while you still can.


The company also announced that it’s laying off 200 workers and will cut “certain merchandise categories” to focus on “core” items, something they’ve been edging towards for the last couple years, by ceasing to sell real clothing and moving into athleisure. Victoria’s Secret has recently appeared to be more interested in its swimwear division, putting on a Swim Special last year on CBS as well as another in March. But the runway shows didn’t do much for sales: Victoria’s Secret’s former leader Sharen Turney said their “overly-complex” pieces were her “biggest disappointment and we did it to ourselves.”

Apparently, Victoria’s Secret catalogs, that great boon for young boys in pre-online-porn decades past, will be phased out too.


Image via Victoria’s Secret website.

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Nooo they were the only ones selling reasonably-priced underwire swimsuits that were targeted to mid-20s/30s crowd. Where am I gonna go now?