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Victoria's Secret Made These Supermodels Look Really Stupid in This Holiday Video

You could watch this video of Sexy Victoria's Secret Supermodels Doing A Bad Job Singing "Deck The Halls," because LOL Women R So Cute When They Act Stoopid. Or you could remember that hey, half of these women don't even speak English as a native language, and none of them are professional singers, and that casting them in some kind of scantily clad all-singing, all-dancing holiday revue and then editing in bloopers is a) cheesy and b) kind of mean.


Alternatively, you could just re-watch this old Community bit with Alison Brie. Ha ha! Women are so stupid! They R so sexy when they are stupid. Silly women. Amirite! Ha, ha, ha! Buy underwear.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is adorable and not mean at all? I don't think they are trying to make them look like STUPID NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS, if anything I like that they seem like humans instead of perfect little naked santa's helpers.