Victoria Beckham's Workout Sends A Message

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Why did Victoria Beckham start working out seven days a week? For her heart? Her lungs? Her circulation? No: She did it for photoshoots. "I didn't want to rely on retouching," she tells Harper's Bazaar. And:

"I wanted to look at those pictures in 20 years' time and say, 'Wow, look – after three kids – I didn't look bad.'"


Mission accomplished.

It's sort of sad it's not really about her health, or living longer for her kids. But it's not surprising. Posh works out so she looks good on magazine covers; magazine editors wouldn't shoot her unless she looked good. Shoppers buying the magazines expect perfection; the circle is unbroken.

Even though we're always complaining about Photoshop, do stars event want to be more "real"? Seems like the goal is to look as good as the false, digitally altered version of yourself. (And never mind that the camera adds ten pounds, so you'd better be 10 pounds under what you want to look like.) But is it emotionally, spiritually, intellectually healthy to rely on a glossy periodical for your self-worth?

A commenter on the Daily Fail site writes:

Well, it's a good thing that she has sons and not daughters. What a disturbing message that would be to pass on to them. Hopefully her sons look towards their father should they have any insecurities with themselves.
She seems like a nice person in her interviews, goofy and sweet. It's sad that forcing her body to be so thin is how she thinks she has to be.

Yet someone else comments:

I look back at my mom, who always exercised, and am proud that she instilled that discipline in all 7 of her children. It was a different generation then, and so she didn't have the perfectly tone body we see on some women these days (plus, after 7 kids, how could she?). BUT, I certainly don't want my children looking back at me as their mum and remembering a lazy, out-of-shape sloth. How is that a good role model????? Aesthetics aside, it's UNHEALTHY...


Yes, this is the message, this is what we've learned, people: If you don't work out seven days a week, you're a sloth.

'I Don't Want To Rely On Airbrushing': Victoria Beckham On Why She Now Exercises Seven Days A Week [Harper's Bazaar via Daily Mail]



I work out consistently 2-3 times a week and I'm actually quite physically fit. I don't have an amazing body, but I'm in good shape and I rare get sick. I could probably have a better body if I started eating just lettuce and grilled chicken for lunch, followed by steamed fish with spinach for dinner and no snacks. But I don't. I don't eat fast food, and I don't eat Italian every night...but my life is not about restriction.

BOTH my parents work out, almost every day, and the #1 reason is to stay healthy...and then secondarily to stay in shape. Very sad that Posh (who I happen to love) hasn't figured this out yet.... #victoriabeckhambazaar