Victoria Beckham Has a New Career in Retail

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Victoria Beckham's first retail location will be opening in London in a few days and if you're in the area, you should pop by and have Victoria bring you the same skirt in a size up, please. Beckham told Grazia Daily that she will indeed be working in the store, likely spending her days refolding sweaters and organizing the jean wall.


Not only that, it's going to be a family affair.

"I love retail – I'll be taking appointments with people … maybe go behind the till," Beckham promised. "Who knows, maybe David will be on the door and Brooklyn will be a Saturday boy."


Hope they have their security detail all lined up.

I am so on board with this. I have a very particular type of love for Victoria Beckham. I love that she never smiles because it's not her damn job to smile. I love that she was in the world's most successful girl group while possessing minimal singing ability and then parlayed that into a legitimate fashion career. I love that she eeked out that last child because she wanted a daughter so badly. She just seems like a go-getter and this feels very on-brand.

The Beckhams are a ridiculously stylish and good-looking family, so I predict that they will do well in sales. After all, gotta start somewhere.

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Ok, I have to know, what is a Saturday boy?!