Victoria Beckham Descended From Communists, World Stops Making Sense

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German researchers have discovered that Victoria Beckham is the descendant of Communist Carl Heinrich Pfänder, who fled to London in 1848 after participating in the failed revolution with Karl Marx. In other news, up is down, lions have lain down with lambs and black is now officially white. [Reuters]

  • Bob Novak, by the way, is retiring today to focus on his brain tumor. That's a kind of karmic bullshit. [Editor & Publisher, Media Matters]
  • Gasoline prices are dropping, though, just as Obama announces that he thinks we should open up the strategic reserves to lower prices. [LA Times, NY Times]
  • In response, the McCain campaign is distributing tire pressure gauges to mock Obama's energy plan. Do they have a dedicated group of fratty morons making up strategy there or something? [Politico]
  • Speaking of morons, John McCain told a Democratic party delegate stripped of her seat at the Democratic convention for endorsing McCain that God will reward her in heaven for doing the right thing. Who knew he got the coveted God endorsement? [HuffPo]
  • While McCain was busy handing out tchotchkes and blessings from heaven, Obama was planning his own birthday party fundraiser that will rake in $5 million for his campaign and the DNC. That's a lot of tire gauges. [Boston Globe]
  • And while they're doing that, mortgage defaults among borrowers with good credit have started to rise, so don't expect the housing crisis to end any time soon. [NY Times]

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