Via Kelly Millis at Stollerderby comes the exciting news of the Marriage Calculator. It won't help you find a marriage counselor or figure out whether your marriage is doomed — lady mags have cornered the market on that — but it will calculate the statistical odds of you being a failure in marriage given your age, educational level and number of children. It told one of us that if an old relationship had worked out in 2006, she'd have a 1% chance of already being divorced and a 10% chance of being so in 5 years, so we guess she beat the average. [Strollerderby, divorce360]


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23% chance of being divorced in the next 5 years.

/shrug people who don't know me and my husband assume we will get divorced since we met in high school. They also assume we only got married becuase I was pregnant.. We don't even have any kids.