Via Jill at Feministe comes the sad news that the Chinese government is attempting to force a woman to end her pregnancy very late in her second trimester to comply with China's one-child law. Jill points out that groups like the UN Population Fund — a target of the conservative, anti-abortion Mexico City Policy that de-funds family planning groups that talk about abortion abroad — "have been successful in lowering the rate of forcible and coerced abortion" but they are stymied by their efforts in China to allow women the choice to carry a pregnancy by the supposedly pro-life policies of the United States that eliminates their funding. Oh, the smell of hypocrisy in the evening. [Feministe]

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Devil's Advocate: What's wrong with enforcing population control in a world where resources are stretched to the limit, and human beings are the main contributor to global warming?

That aside, forcing an abortion that late is all sorts of wrong sauce.