VH1 Quits Celebrity Rehab

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VH1 has confirmed that Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew will not be on the schedule for 2012. While the reality show has not been officially canceled, there are no plans to film another season anytime soon. While the network claims that the decision was made in response to Dr. Drew's overly crowded schedule (he has a two other shows: his nightly Dr. Drew on HLN and his daytime talk show Lifechangers on the CW), fans still wonder if it has anything to do with the bad run of press Rehab has experienced last year. Two of its former cast members died (Mike Starr from an overdose and Jeff Conaway from complications due to his addiction). Additionally, nearly half of the footage from the fifth season of the show ended up on the cutting room floor, as it featured Michaele Salahi, who had bamboozled producers into believing that she had an addiction when in fact she did not.

VH1 checks out of "Celebrity Rehab" for now [OMG]

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When narcissism plays a big part in an addiction (as it seemed to for pretty much all the participants) the fact of putting the addict on television and making them a reality show celebrity seems like a perfectly hideous idea.

A hideous idea that a proper therapist would have known to avoid if he was really interested in helping people.