Authorities have arrested a man suspected of planting a bomb on the windowsill of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin after the getaway video that was captured via surveillance camera leaving the scene got in an accident on the way to whatever other idiotic thing the driver was on his way to do.

Authorities aren't releasing the man's name, but according to the Huffington Post, they were able to nab him after witnesses and closed circuit cameras caught a glimpse of a man in a white SUV with "distinctive markings" around the Planned Parenthood clinic at the time of the attempted firebombing. Shortly thereafter, the moron who drove the distinctive vehicle to bomb an abortion clinic crashed his car, giving authorities unfettered access to his getaway vehicle.


Since he'd already bombed an abortion clinic on a day that the clinic was closed and no one was there, and bungled right into the arms of authorities, I'd imagine that next on the agenda would be a quick swing past the site of his elementary school, where he could unsuccessfully attempt to burn the building down using a broken lighter while wearing a jersey with his last name printed on the back.

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