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Afraid your bum isn't as smooth as it could be? Have a posterior pimple that needs popping? Why not try butt facials! Ellegirl is reporting on a supposed new trend of ass-prettying procedures from a dermatologist whose clients include such mentally sound celebrities as Renee Zellweger and Ali Larter. One question: Why is Ellegirl reporting this one? Isn't this a magazine aimed at girls who lack the "maturity" to read Elle? Why are tweens hearing anything about facials, let alone ones that involve their asses? The only "trends" that Ellegirl should be reporting should be plastic hair accessories from Claire's (that Hillary Duff is so into right now!) and lycra tops from Wet Seal. Leave the semi-sexual gross out trends for those provincials at Cosmogirl. [Ellegirl Editor's Blog]

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@treecut: Agreed. That goes along with my response, which is that anyone seeing that area should just be grateful for the opportunity. Or in awe. Either or both are acceptable reactions.