Very Busy Woman Is So Busy Texting That She Walks Off a Pier

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Bonnie Miller was walking on a pier in Benton Harbor, Michigan, with her husband Greg and her 15-year-old son, Quinn. She realized she'd made an appointment for the wrong time and took out her phone to text. The next thing she knew, she'd fallen off the pier and into a river channel that leads to Lake Michigan. Oops. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, it was about six feet down from the pier to the water, so she couldn't just climb out by herself. Her husband jumped in to help, as did another brave bystander. And her son, who was still on the pier, reached down to hold her hand and help her partway out of the water. The police, fire department, and the Coast Guard all responded quickly and were able to help the three get back up onto the pier. Miller is glad to be alive, but, as you can imagine, she is mortified. It is pretty bad to have the Coast Guard called out on your behalf because you're too busy texting to watch where you're going. But as any technology addict will recognize, the real tragedy here is that they were unable to save her phone.


Woman who fell off pier after texting while walking shares her story [ABC57 via Neatorama]


I'm glad that she's ok. Stop walking while you are texting people. Geez....

Am I living in the dark ages because I never have to text. I haven't texted in months and I barely use my cell phone. I wish we lived in the time when people still wrote letters.