Versace Perhaps Switching From Gisele; A Very Happy Almost-Birthday To Daphne Guinness

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  • UK Harper's Bazaar named Stella McCartney its best-dressed woman of the year. [Telegraph]

    Georgia May Jagger is rumored to be the next face of Versace. [Fashionista]

    Former Prada women's wear designer Rodolfo Paglialunga is now at the helm of the revived house of Vionnet. Let's hope this works, because the woman who invented the bias cut is not to be trifled with. [WSJ]

    What was probably the fanciest party to ever celebrate the release of a DVD featured Adrien Brody, Marc Jacobs, Madonna, and Charlie Rose — all gathered in honor of Matt Tyrnauer's Valentino: The Last Emperor. Jesus Luz DJ'd, but didn't play any hip-hop. "I prefer electro-house," he shrugged. [TDB]

    Tyrnauer, on the doc's Oscar chances: "We're honored to even be considered. Of course, there's been some talk. When I started making the movie the Oscars were the farthest thing from my mind. I just wanted to survive and make the best film I could. So it to be ranking up there with great docs this year is amazing. But we're all superstitious. And Italians are very, VERY superstitious. So, I guess we'll never talk about this openly." [FWD]

    Daphne Guinness is currently re-reading Ringworld and W. Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge. [TFI]

    And could she possibly be the "international fashion muse" spotted out in a pair of the insane heel-less shoes from Olivier Theyskens' much-mourned last collection for Nina Ricci? My goodness, Ms. Guinness. [VF]

    It's her birthday on Monday. Guinness is going to celebrate by eating a sandwich and doing Bikram yoga. The Cut interrogated her further:

    I forget [how old I'm turning]. 41, I think." (According to Wikipedia, she's turning 42.) "You know, I really don't care, because I don't expect to live for very much longer." What does that mean? "Oh boy, this is turning into a heavy conversation," she continued. "But it isn't about age — it's about experience. The only thing worth aiming for is love. As you long as you have that, it's okay, and then you have some issues you just need to work out during this lifetime, not that I'm religious in any shape or form. But I don't fear death. Love is the only thing that matters. Everything else is smoke and mirrors." So, is fashion smoke and mirrors, too? "That's the best smoke and the best mirror. You've gotta go out, so you should go out in style."

    For the record, we hope she lives to a ripe old age. [The Cut]

    When the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection goes on sale next week, queuing shoppers will be given wristbands as a crowd-control measure. That should work! [Telegraph]

    FUBU is looking to return to the U.S., five years after leaving the market. The founder says the new collection will be "Carhartt-meets-Abercrombie-and-Fitch." Also, he thinks our short memories will save FUBU from forever being associated with tasteless puffa jackets and the wide-legged excesses of the late 90s, because "kids have a three-year memory span, so most don't have a sense of the brand's roots." [WWD]

    Italo Zucchelli has already finished designing the entire fall 2010 Calvin Klein men's wear collection. Over-achiever. []

    Anthropologie is unveiling a new collaboration with Koi Suwannagate, under the label Lawan, Thai for "Beautiful." Although the first installment is only one dress, two cardigans, and a top, Suwannagate says the collaboration will be ongoing. [WWD]

    Why anyone would go all the way to Mykonos, just to eat at Nobu, is beyond us. [Telegraph]

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There is something very bizarre, in my opinion, with the fashion industry's fascination with finding women who look like other famous women. Nearly everything I have read about Georgia Jagger points out that she resembles Brigitte Bardot and it's the same with Claudia Schiffer. When Anna Nicole first hit the big time, there were comparisons to Marilyn Monroe and Megan Fox is compared to Angelina Jolie...The list goes on. I know this comment is coming across as a little half-baked and incoherent; I just can't exactly put my finger on why this concept weirds me out so very much. #versace