Vending Machines in Turkey Feed Stray Animals Waiting to Be Adopted

There are over 100,000 stray cats and dogs living in Istanbul, Turkey. And while more than 14 million people live there, these animals are still waiting to be rescued. One company, Pugedon, is making sure that the animals are at least provided food while they wait for a forever home.

Pugedon has paid for vending machines (they've promised that the government will pay nothing) that dispense pet food any time a human uses the machine to throw away a plastic bottle. The funds from recycling those plastic bottle go to buying more food for the cats and dogs. And the best part? Recycling also helps the environment so people who can't adopt a cat or dog can do some good just by throwing something away properly. (Also: You should just not litter regardless. Just saying.)

Of course, I've seen too many movies to not be suspicious (the kibble is PEOPLE!) but this seems like good work all around. Now let's get those animals adopted!

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