Velvet D'Amour: "My Quest Is To Diversify Notions Of Modern Beauty"

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Yesterday we got an email that read, "Hi. I am Velvet. I had the good fortune to score the lead in Avida, which has just come out on DVD in the USA. It would be great if you could make mention of this as it is nice to find films willing to be inclusive of the atypical and divorcing themselves from a leading lady which fits typical Hollywood beauty ethic. Thanks very much, Velvet." Noted! Plus: Velvet, who famously walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, has an interview with the blog 5 Resolutions. Velvet is articulate, thoughtful and pretty fucking awesome. On Galliano: "He seemed very taken by the images in my book, and we had a nice chat about philosophies of beauty as well. It was wonderful to speak with such an amazing talent that I had always revered. As to what statement I wanted to make, my quest is to diversify notions of modern beauty, and I knew my inclusion would spark debate and get people talking if nothing else… JPG has been clear on the statement he was making—that beauty takes many forms."


More on walking in the runway show:

"If people are only exposed to imagery of fat people as jokes in movies, TV, etc., then that limits our perception to degradation. So what then is the solution? Not to take the opportunity to proudly embrace my curves in a global venue? One must take advantage of these rare opportunities when presented by people who are willing to take the risk on you. I had utter confidence in both Galliano and Gaultier to represent me in a fashion inclusive of their impeccable style, and I knew their intent to be positive. I don't think it is so ludicrous for people of such immense creativity and broadminded natures to witness beauty in what mainstream people may have blinders to."

On "regular" fashion models:

"Whilst models are esteemed by the general public to have it all, merely by the luck of the gene-pool, (and likewise, professed to have an attitude to accompany that), they more often than not grew up equally outcast by virtue of extreme height and thinness. Thus I find models tend to be quite sympathetic and kind/curious for the most part and this certainly held true backstage at the runway shows. Its an eclectic, buzzing atmosphere."

On the term "plus-size":

"I recall as a fat child having my Mom take me to the HUSKY store, and that seemed rather humiliating at the time. I had initially pictured some Alaskan dogsled hideaway, but soon found myself amidst frighteningly outdated décor, with racks of polyester knit bellbottoms in puke green, or ‘KICK ME HARD' red, guaranteed to ensure a wedgie or two, in a era where you were nothing if you didn't wear straight cut Levi's. I am sure its origins were well intentioned though, and it's certainly better then Negative-size, ay?"


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Her hips/thighs/butt are gorgeous. Very articulate woman. She may befriend me, if she wishes... :-)