Vegan Group Stupidly Demands Obama to Stop Eating Delicious Food in Public

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We should never let a moment pass in which we're not scrutinizing something the President is doing, so thankfully the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has just stepped forward to publicly declare that they'd like Obama to watch what he eats when he's in front of the camera. Ulka Agarwal, chief medical officer for PCRM, said:

We would like the White House to stop publicizing these photos depicting the President, vice president or First Family eating unhealthy foods like hot dogs or pepperoni pizza that contain processed meat, or cheeseburgers or hamburgers that can contribute to obesity.


Oh, you would, would you? How nice of you. Here's the thing, though: PCRM may sound like a bland group of doctors worried about general health, but in fact they are really concerned with protecting animal rights and promoting a vegan diet. (They're the group behind the horrible billboards that tried to convince people that eating cheese will make them fat—and, therefore, disgusting.) That's why you'll notice they're only asking him to stop eating things with meat in or on them. They don't seem nearly as concerned with french fries or pie or any of the other unhealthy things he has publicly consumed on a regular basis. It seems so bizarre to couch this as a request for him to eat healthily in general. If you want him to be a vegan, then just come right out and say it already! Not that he's going to listen.

As far as what they'd prefer he eat when he's out and about, PCRM would like to see, "the President and his family eating a big green salad and whole grains." Hmm, that seems like an incredibly practical diet while on the campaign trail, where it's just nothing but stop after stop at salad bars and vegan restaurants...

But more importantly, why are they even bringing this up? Michelle Obama has been one of the most public advocates of healthier eating and exercise—she grows a vegetable garden at the White House, for goodness sake. She and her family hardly seem like priority number one when it comes to taking down negative food role models. So, why don't we all let the Obamas go back to eating whatever it is they like to eat, and you and I can continue eating all the cheese we want without feeling guilty about it.

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You have to give up either cheese or oral sex for the rest of your life. Which do you keep? GO!

(I'm on team cheese.)