Vatican Releases Femen Activist Who Stole Baby Jesus While Topless

Hark! The heretic angels sing!

Yesterday, Femen activist Iana Aleksandrovna Azhdanova was arrest at the Vatican after running into the outdoor nativity scene and grabbing the wee baby Jesus statue, and holding it up, proclaiming, "God Is Woman." Par for the course for Femen, she was not wearing a shirt, and had the message "God is Woman" painted on her bare body. She really wanted to get the message across.


Azhdanova was quickly taken into custody after authorities realized what the hell was going. Via Guardian:

A papal spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said the Vatican was deciding whether to try Azhdanova, adding that the religiously hostile nature of her protest "must be regarded as extremely serious due to the setting and circumstances that intentionally offend the religious sentiments of a very large number of people".


However, the Associated Press reports today, that the Vatican has released Azhdanova after a prosecutor met with her. She has been ordered to never again set foot in Vatican City State, "including St. Peter's Basilica, or on other Vatican property outside the tiny city-state's walls."

It's truly a Christmas miracle.

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